Between International Quds Day and "Jerusalem Day"

This Ramadan has two contrasting scenes in occupied Jerusalem. Two scenes that represent two conflicting wills aiming to chart the future of the occupied city.

  • Between International Quds Day and Hebrew Quds Day
    Our people in occupied Jerusalem need a Jerusalemite confrontation strategy in their war against the Judaic settling plan.

The Ramadan uprising in occupied Jerusalem comes in the context of the Jerusalemites confronting the Judaizing "Israeli" plans that aim to change the current situation in the Damascus Gate, one of the main gates to the Old City.

The uprising sparked by the settlement march that "Lehava," a Jewish far-right organization, called for. Preventing Palestinians from being around the Damascus Gate, which is one of the most vital and economically important for the commercial movement of the people of the Old City, is basically setting up the atmosphere for expelling the Jerusalemites from that area on the one hand - which is consistent with the Zionist efforts to Judaize Jerusalem, especially the Old City neighborhood - and on the other hand, its an effort to open a wide corridor for the herds of settlers to easily reach the holy Al-Aqsa mosque in their repeated attempts to storm its yards.

This Ramadan has two contrasting scenes in occupied Jerusalem. Two scenes that represent two conflicting wills aiming to chart the future of the occupied city:

The First Scene

The first scene consists of the Jewish settlers planning for the biggest storming of the Al-Aqsa Mosque yards, at the invitation of the Judaic Temple groups, on the 28th of Ramadan under the pretext of "Jerusalem Day," expressing an overwhelming Judaic Zionist will that seeks to dissolve the Islamic Arab identity of Jerusalem on behalf of creating the Zionist Talmudic "Jerusalem."

This also expresses the Zionist will to transform the Old City, with all of its Islamic Arab and Christian neighborhoods, into David's Talmudic Jewish settlement city, as a prelude to building the alleged temple on the Al-Aqsa Mosque's ruins.

The Second Scene

The other scene is the Palestinians, and all the Muslims around the world and all the free people alongside them, commemorating the International Quds Day in the last week of Ramadan; that day that Imam Khomeini (may God have mercy on him) first called for on August 7, 1979, directly after the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran, as a statement confirming occupied Jerusalem's essential position in the hearts of all Muslims around the world, and their minds and actions.

Occupied Jerusalem is going through a daily conflict on different levels between the invalid Zionist will, which seeks to Judaize the Holy City and obliterate its Palestinian, Arab, and Islamic civilization identity since the occupation of the city in 1967, and the rightful Arab, Islamic, and Palestinian will rooted in the history of Jerusalem, to which the holy city's stones and old buildings bear witness.

Between International Quds Day and "Jerusalem Day," the question arises: How do we preserve the Islamic Arab identity of occupied Jerusalem? How do we support the steadfastness of the Jerusalemites in their confrontation with occupation, settlement, and Judaization in the Holy City? And how does International Quds Day triumph over "Jerusalem Day"?

There Are Two Answers

A Palestinian Confrontation Strategy

Our people in occupied Jerusalem need a Jerusalemite confrontation strategy in their war against the Judaic settling plan. The strategy they need compiles the Jerusalemite victories against Judaization and settlement, which were apparent in the battle of iron gates and cameras on Bab Al-Asbat Minaret, passing through opening the Golden Gate, reaching the removal of barricades on Damascus Gate.

A strategy that accumulates all the aforementioned victories is an essential condition in winning in this war and a guarantor that the victories in those Jerusalemite battles are not lost in vain, not affecting the outcome of the war on Judaization and the Zionist settlement in Jerusalem.

Although the Palestinian situation is critical amid the divide that, as we believe, increased after the elections were announced, for it to become a divide within an organization, the Jerusalemites can lead the entirety of Palestine in the war against the occupation and its Judaization of the Holy City.

Every Palestinian must set occupied Jerusalem as a headline of the battle with the occupation on all its fronts. Every Palestinian must not delay in providing support and assistance to the steadfast Jerusalemites in the first frontline, especially since Jerusalem and the Jerusalemites are the least affected by the pollution of the Palestinian division and its causes, thus occupied Jerusalem has the ability to be the title of unity for the entirety of Palestine for the patriots love it, the Muslims worship in it, the Christians pray in it, and the hearts of the free long for it.

For occupied Jerusalem's sake, blood is shed without hesitation, which was evident in the West Bank, Gaza, and the Palestinian diaspora entering the front line with the occupation since the beginning of the Ramadan uprising in Damascus Gate.

An Arab, Islamic, and International Support Strategy

It is not permissible for Arabs, Muslims, and all of the world's free people to let go of the Palestinians in their war against the Judaization of occupied Jerusalem with all its religious and ideological symbolism, not to mention that this war that the Palestinians are waging against the "Israeli" occupation, which is preventing them from settling, is in the interest of the national security of the Arab and Islamic parameter. It also limits the expansion of Zionist influence and its extension to the rest of the Arab and Islamic region, and most importantly, it exposes the colonial face of the American Zionist project to the peoples of the world.

From here, the importance of International Quds Day emerges as an invitation to all the Islamic and Arab masses and all the free people of the world, not only for solidarity and support for the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people but also for the formation of an axis of resistance in which Jerusalem is its capital and its ultimate goal, through which all the nation's efforts and capabilities are united in confronting the Zionist-American project that aims to impose "Jerusalem Day" on the reality of the Holy City and its Arab and Islamic civilization history.

Hassan Lafi

Palestinian Author Specialized in "Israeli" Affairs