Saudi - Emirati Espionage via Israeli Spyware

Saudi - Emirati Espionage via Israeli Spyware

Pegasus Israeli Spyware Surveillance of Citizens Rocks Indian Parliament

Pegasus Israeli Spyware Surveillance of Citizens Rocks Indian Parliament

The Indian parliament began its recent monsoon session rocked by the scandal of Israeli Company NSO’s ‘Pegasus Spyware‘ technology.

House Democrats called for the federal government to investigate reports of Israeli spyware

Four US Democrats Suggest Blacklisting Israeli Spyware Firm

Following massive leaks from the “Pegasus” project, four US Democrats suggest blacklisting Israeli spyware firm over hacks of journalists and activists, according to The Washington Post.

Security Minister Benny Gantz

After Pegasus Scandal, Gantz Heads to Paris for Discussions

Gantz will fly to Paris on Wednesday for a brief visit, where he will meet his French counterpart to discuss a range of issues, including the “scandal” related to the "Israeli cyber firm NSO Group", whose software have been used to target French President.

French President Emmanuel Macron

Macron Summons Defense Council over Pegasus Scandal

After his phone was targeted by an Israeli spyware, French President Emmanuel Macron summons the Defense Council for an "exceptional" meeting.

Princesses Latifa and Haya on the Pegasus Spy list

Dubai Princesses on Israeli Spyware Pegasus List

The BCC network reveals that the phone numbers of two Dubai Princesses - and those of some acquaintances - have been found on the list of the Israeli spy program Pegasus.

UN urges better regulation of surveillance technology

UN Sounds the Alarm Following Pegasus Scandal

Following the Israeli Pegasus scandal, UN Deputy Spokesman Farhan Haq says that the UN approached the US government to protect its networks and diplomatic missions in New York and overseas.

Moroccan PM Saad-Eddine El-Othmani

Morocco to Retaliate Against 'Pegasus' Accusation in Courts

Morocco announced that it has opted for a judicial approach "in Morocco and internationally against any party taking into account these false allegations," referring to media reports on its possible involvement in using the Pegasus spyware.

Al Mayadeen set out on this journey and certainly did not leave Yemen behind

What's Behind Spying on Ghassan Ben Jeddou?

Al Mayadeen, headed by Mr. Ghassan Ben Jeddou, set out to the world outside the boundaries of the media market, without any intent of competing with any entity. Rather, its quest was focused on finding the truth, armed with independence and honesty.

The Press Secretary for the President of Russia, Dmitry Peskov

Peskov Says No Need for Extra Measures Over Pegasus

The press secretary for the president of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, says that Moscow needs no additional security measures over the Pegasus spyware scandal.

The Israeli spyware has been used to spy on Emiratis

The Pegasus Project: UAE as a Model

A massive info leak suggests an apparent attempt by the United Arab Emirates to leverage "Israeli NSO’s spy technology" on Alaa Siddiqi and Ahmad Mansour.

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