O' Iraq, The Land of All Good

Iraqi Parliamentary Elections

On October 10, Parliamentary elections will be held in Iraq. They are of great significance, as they are expected to set the stage for a new phase of political alliances. Al Mayadeen has launched coverage for these elections under the title "O' Iraq, The Land of All Good."

Iraq's IHEC rejects 322 appeals for various reasons

Iraq: Al-Fatah Alliance Surprised by Security Council Welcoming Election Results

Iraq's Independent High Electoral Commission decides to manually recount 234 polling stations.

Protesters in Iraq Demand Rerun of Elections

Protesters in Iraq Demand Election Recount

Tribal Iraqi leaders are calling for new elections, and demonstrations are ongoing.

IHEC: Dates, procedures, and mechanisms will be determined later,

Iraq: IHEC Rejects 174 Appeals and Accepts 7

The commission announced that the results will be sorted and counted manually at certain stations in the presence of representatives of competing candidates.

Demonstrations denouncing election results in Iraq.

Iraq: Higher Committee for Protests Calls for a New Electoral Law

The Higher Committee for protests urges the Iraqi government to use a manual counting and sorting mechanism in future elections.

Al-Mayadeen reporter: Intense security deployment in the Green Gate area as the protests expand

Iraq: Protests Expand over Election Results, and Demand to Hold Fraudsters Accountable

Popular actions in several Iraqi governorates protested the parliamentary elections' results. Protests are expanding gradually according to Al-Mayadeen's reporter.

Protesters block al-Kaziza road to protest elections "fabricated results"

Iraq: Popular Movements Protest Parliamentary Elections Results

Popular movements have blocked several roads in Iraq to protest the results of the elections.

The Independent High Electoral Commission manually counting votes in Iraq after the conclusion of the elections

Iraqi Elections' Manual Vote Counting Complete

The adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister Abdul Hussein al-Hindawi says the High Independent Electoral Commission finished the counting process in all polling stations.

Iraq: Manual Recounting of Voting Machines Ends in a Week

Iraq: Manual Recounting of Voting Machines Ends in a Week

The Director of Operations at the Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission announces that the stations that the manual recounting of 140 electronic voting machines will end within a week.

The Iraqi Electoral Commission Announces Completing Manual Counting of 3100 Electoral Stations

The Iraqi Electoral Commission Announces Completing Manual Counting of 3100 Electoral Stations

The votes of 3,100 electoral stations have been manually counted, to be added to the announced results.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi

Al-Kadhimi Applauds Best Practices in Electoral Security

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi visited the headquarters of the Joint Operations Command (JOC) to monitor measures taken to secure the ballot boxes.

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