Spider-Man First Issue Sells for a Record-Breaking $3.6 million!

The auction cemented Spidey's position as the most popular comic-book superhero.

The Matrix: Resurrections to Be Released on December 22nd

The New Matrix film's trailer has been finally released. The fourth part of the trilogy...

French Actor Jean-Paul Belmondo Passes Away

French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo passed away at his residence in Paris at the age of 88, the...

Girls Aloud Star Sarah Harding Loses Her Battle with Cancer

A year after her battle with breast cancer, English singer Sarah Nicole Harding lost her...

La Casa De Papel Cast Praises "Israel"

The Netflix series is under attack for lauding"Israel" and its mistreatment of Palestinians.

Putting the Art in Art-ificial Intelligence

India will host its first solo exhibition of AI Art by artist Harshit Agrawal.

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