Israeli Media: No Achievements Against Hamas

Israeli journalists and commentators recognize the ability of the Palestinian resistance to unite the Palestinian arenas and achieve popular unity and the failure of the Israeli army to produce effective results.

  • Israeli experts expect the army to finish its operations within two days.
    Israeli experts expect the army to finish its operations within two days.

The Israeli expert on Palestinian affairs, Alon Eviatar, told "Channel 13" that "it is the right of any Palestinian or Arab to reach the conviction that Hamas, which carries the banner of jihad, has succeeded in influencing and linking all arenas together, something that the Palestinian authority did not succeed in doing."

He continued: "Hamas succeeded, within ten days, in unifying all the arenas, and saying that the elections process that got canceled and negotiations have failed, and whoever can provide you with the goods and lead the entire Palestinian arena is the armed struggle and the resistance."

"Channel 13" military correspondent Alon Ben David estimated that the aggression on the Gaza Strip would end in less than 48 hours, and added that Hezbollah "wants to heat the borders up without being inside," adding that demonstrators being at the borders with occupied Palestine helps the possibility of "injuries and more clashes."

As for the channel's political commentator Raviv Drucker, he said that "all the people running the operation on the Israeli side are afraid to call for a ceasefire. No one wants to be the first to talk about this matter to refrain from showing fragility." He continued, "The matter is complicated, and no signs indicate that Hamas wants a ceasefire, as we desire."

Drucker continued: "When they say we need a day or two to stop the operation, it is not certain that this is to complete military objectives, but because we do not currently have an exit board, and we do not guarantee a ceasefire from the second party."

This comes at a time when the Israeli "Channel 12" quoted "senior sources" in the occupation government saying that "the Israeli army is hinting to end the operation," adding, "but the political leadership does not want to publically reveal its desires... and we are in the final stage of the process."

Moav Vardi from KAN said nine days after the start of the military operation that no "game-changing achievements" were reached with Hamas, wondering: "How can such achievements be reached without ground warfare? And if there is no ground warfare, why continue?"

He continued, "I would not be surprised if Benjamin Netanyahu wanted another day or two before Biden told him to stop," explaining that Biden refuses to drag the region into "a war that requires vast US resources because the Middle East is not one of his priorities. Therefore, he is allowing two or three days, but this does not mean that he is against Netanyahu."

The head of the Palestinian affairs section at KAN, Gal Berger, indicated that "Israel" assumes that "everything is linked to it," when things have "another side," which is that "Hamas did not speak of Gaza during the nine days of this operation, but rather about Jerusalem and Sheikh Jarrah," considering that "Israel" will not be able to change the status quo.

Israeli media had quoted Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi as telling the heads of the authorities in southern occupied Palestine that the operation in the Gaza Strip "will continue for another 48 hours at least."