Israeli Occupation Attacks Funeral

The Israeli occupation has deployed soldiers in civilian clothes around the town of Beit Ummar, north of Al-Khalil, during the funeral of martyred Shawkat Awad. "Israel" warns of escalation in West Bank.

  • Around 40 Palestinians were wounded as a result of the clashes
    Dozens wounded during clashes with the Israeli occupation in Beita, south Nablus 

Al Mayadeen correspondent in the West Bank reported that violent confrontations broke out between the Palestinians and Israeli occupation forces, who attacked the funeral of the martyr, Shawkat Awad, in Beit Ummar. 

Israeli forces bombarded the funeral procession with rubber bullets and tear gas canisters after Friday prayers. 

The clashes were preceded by the occupation deploying its soldiers in civilian clothes around the town north of Al-Khalil, at the funeral of the martyred Awad. 

Corresponding with Al Mayadeen, the coordinator of the popular committees in Beit Ummar, Youssef Abu Maria, confirmed that Israeli forces will witness an immense uprising in the forthcoming days, adding that youths in the town are aggressively resisting the siege of the occupation forces. 

Oppositely, Israeli analysts have warned that the West Bank is heated, stressing that the Israeli "army" is rubbing salt into the wound, killing 5 Palestinians and wounding hundreds in less than a week.

Scores of Palestinians were injured resulting from clashes with the Israeli occupation forces at the Beita-Mount Sbeih junction in Nablus.

Ahmad Jibril, the head of the Emergency and Ambulance Department at the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, stated that 39 Palestinians were injured during the clashes, adding that two of them had to be transported to the hospital to undergo treatment.

He added, "25 Palestinians began suffocating as a result of the Israeli occupation forces launching tear gas canisters, while 10 others sustained injuries from rubber bullets, and 4 sustained fractures and bruises."

"Ma'an" correspondent in Nablus, claims that confrontations occurred after the people demanded the return of the body of the martyr Shadi Al-Sharfa, an employee of the water department, who forces assassinated two days ago while he was working on water line maintenance at the Beita Junction. 

The youths and people of the town of Beita continue their nightly routines to confront and counter the settlers' attempt to seize the lands of Jabal Sbeih and establish a new settlement outpost atop the mountain. 

For several weeks, homes have encountered confrontations in the Jabal Sbeih area, which turn more aggressive at night, while attempting to expel settlers from the area. 

In recent days, the occupation forces heightened their repression in the West Bank, causing the death of 4 civilians, including two children, and fifth sustaining injuries.