Who are we?

Al-Mayadeen Media Network, an independent Arab satellite news channel, launched on June 11, 2012, and based in the Lebanese capital Beirut. Despite being a rather newly established channel, Al-Mayadeen has become one of the most widespread and influential Arab channels. Indeed, it has become the top news channel in more than one Arab country because of its commitment to professionalism and balance in work, which made it a public space for social encounter and interaction.

The channel broadcasts 24/24 hours, introducing more than ten news bulletins and about 17 various programs. Our reporters are spread in major decision-making capitals and many countries around the world, from Moscow to Washington, London, Tehran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Europe and all Arab countries.

Al-Mayadeen has distinguished itself in many coverages since its inception and has provided the scoop on its news and programs. The channel was a pioneer in covering the “Israeli” war on Gaza, transforming its coverage of many events into a source of information for major stations, and many of these stations placed their trust and relied on its coverage such as the BBC, Fox News, Russia Today, France 24, Japan TV, and international newspapers such as the Washington Post and Le Monde French.

Goal and Identity

Al-Mayadeen News Network is the pan-Arab media network. Al-Mayadeen is devoted to the slogan "reality as it is" and is committed to conveying facts and opinions in a crisis-stricken world. Al-Mayadeen emerged at a critical political moment in the history of the region and rose to the challenge, presenting new media outlet which is committed to national, Patriotical and humanitarian issues, within a template of objective professionalism.

Al-Mayadeen contains a variety of cultural and intellectual programs that aim to address the Arab mind in the language of reason and to build bridges of discussion and knowledge. It takes advantage of modern and alternative media techniques to combine it with visual media so that the discourse is appropriate for all ages and cultures. It thrives to create a speech that rejects discrimination and racism of all kinds and adheres to a single compass that is directed towards the liberation of the land and the Arab human alike, in a framework that connects us with the whole world and does not isolate us.

Al-Mayadeen network is proud to host a team of luminous media names known and loved by the Arab public, and new, promising and distinct faces, which will give the enthusiasm of the youth and the experience of the veteran. These names cooperate to provide the best, most accurate and comprehensive information and news. And in order to turn the Arab media back towards the harbor of the public’s demands, opinions and concerns. In a nut shell, the Arab viewer will be a part of the journalistic process, and not just a consumer.

Al-Mayadeen Media Network simply highlights yesterday, covers "reality as it is" and creates a perception of tomorrow as the viewer aspires it to be.

Public policy

"Al-Mayadeen" is an Arab satellite network whose motto is the media of reality. It is keen to present the complete image and deliver accurate information. Our network conveys reality as it is, in a professional journalistic language, committed to professionalism and balance, and to a modern media vision, simulating the present and the future ... it is a media channel that seeks to be a space for meeting, dialogue and interaction.

"Al-Mayadeen" pursues the issues of the nation and the world with a comprehensive vision. It adheres to the unity of the Arab world and interacts with its civilization and regional strategy. It is keen on the solidarity of the Islamic world and communicates with the world from the position of affiliation.

Al-Mayadeen is concerned with the cases of freedom, reform, social justice, defending the freedom of expression and defining internal national options. Our network embraces the pulse of the people and their daily concerns, touching on the aspirations of women and the youth, and monitoring the situation of the poor and the oppressed wherever they are.

Al-Mayadeen is biased towards a culture of tolerance that rejects extremism and terrorism. This culture stems from the diversity of the Arab fabric, with its Christians and Muslims and its multiple national components. The network respects the rights, beliefs and opinions of others, encouraging dialogues between cultures and civilizations and aspiring to become a platform for discussion with the Europe and the west.

Al-Mayadeen's framework rejects any racial/ethnic discrimination, or religious/sectarian incitement. Our network sees the Palestinian issue as a title of national liberation, and its presence is central to our channel. Our network deals with the Palestinians as one people whether they are at home or in the diaspora, and perceives them as a whole, including the Palestinians of the forty-eight lands .The file of prisoners inside “Israeli” prisons has received constant attention and has been widely covered by Al-Mayadeen.

Our network rejects any foreign domination and supports the right of people to resist occupation, especially the “Israeli” occupation of Palestine and the Arab lands.


The channel believes in the exchange of cultures and dialogues on the basis of respect and equality.

Al Mayadeen believes in the following values:

  • The unity of the Arab nation
  • Solidarity of the Islamic world
  • Rejection of extremism and terrorism
  • A culture of tolerance and dialogue
  • Pluralism, and diversity
  • Citizenship
  • Equality
  • Social Justice
  • The right of self-determination
  • The right to resist and reject external interference or domination

For contributions:

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