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Arab Openness to Syria.. A Senior Syrian official to Al-Mayadeen: Damascus will not Normalize with "Israel"

The return of communication on the Damascus-Amman line without any American obstruction reflected the existence of an Arab structural review in the matter of talks with Syria. Realistically speaking, the situation is crucial for Syria and the rest of the Arabs, but this did not prevent questions from being asked in a self-evident manner.

Whipsaw Washington: Does it have a ‘Center’ Anymore?

The Biden Administration approaches their key diplomatic partners waving Washington’s demands as if these states should answer to these accusations, but not, impertinently, to answer back. 

Emerging Global Energy Crisis May Precipitate a Tsunami of Petrodollars

If the energy-rich states do indeed follow their previous patterns of behavior, it will mean a continuation of the economic and financial status-quo around the world with deepening levels of economic inequality and uneven development