Israeli Omnipotence and Those Eleven Days in May

“Israel” is not the hapless victim it portrays itself to be. It is a political cancer in the host body of west Asia and the Middle East, and like all cancers, if it is not removed it will destroy the host.

  • Israeli Omnipotence and Those Eleven Days in May

“Israel” projects its omnipotence throughout west Asia and the Middle East. The quality of having unlimited or very great power.

This power is derived from the political and the financial support given to “Israel” by Europe and America.

While the American taxpayer subsidises “Israel” to the tune of 3.8 billion dollars per year, which helps heavily cover the cost of healthcare and education in “Israel”. America has a rising homeless population estimated to be around 600,000 and 1.5 million, no clean water in Flint Michigan and stands accused of a continuing systemic racial war against its afro American citizens.

Europe which extends “Israel” preferential trading status has many universities collaborating with Israeli research ventures. It gives political cover for “Israel’s” perpetual annexation of the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the illegal ongoing siege on Gaza.

The mainstream media continues with the decades-long narrative that “Israel” is a small embattled enclave under constant threat of violent destruction from its regional neighbours and needs all the moral, physical and financial resources it can amass to prevent its imminent destruction.

“Israel” has one of the best-equipped armies in the region and militarily occupies Palestinian territory in the West Bank. The Palestinians in Gaza have no army, no air force and no navy to protect themselves from Israeli tanks, fighter jets, attack helicopters, gunboats and nuclear submarines.

The Jewish National Fund has been buying land in Palestine from 1901 onward, encouraging Jewish immigration to Palestine. The land bought in particular from absentee Ottoman Turkish landlords was used for Jewish migrants to work the land, build homes and colonise the landscape.

These purchases continued through 1914-1918 when Palestine came under the rule of the British Empire after Turkey's defeat in the First World War.

These continual flows of Jews thrived under British encouragement with the signing of the secret Balfour Declaration that would permit a Jewish homeland to be created inside the land of Palestine.

The changing demographics and the instability brought by migrants resulted in riots in Jerusalem in the 1920s. The displaced Jewish community refused to integrate with their host nation and continued to build civil structures that would eventually partition Palestine and create a Jewish homeland on the broken dreams, broken bones and broken bodies of the indigenous population.

After the Second World War 1939-1945, a shadow government had been formed by the Jewish terrorist organisations of the Stern gang, the Hagenah and the Irgun. “Israel” was then created by the partition of Palestine via the United Nations. The new “state of Israel” was granted 52% of the land and subsequently expelled by force 750,000 Palestinians. Forced expulsion and genocides were perpetrated against Palestinian people:  the Nakba or Great Catastrophe. Many fled to Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Gaza, Jordan and throughout the world. Many of the Palestinian descendants are still living in refugee camps in west Asia and the Middle East waiting to return home, to re-join towns, cities and farms as guaranteed by UN resolution 194. The Israeli government which allows Jews from any nation in the world to immigrate to “Israel”, yet it refuses to allow Palestinians the right of return.

Again in 1967, during the six-day war launched by “Israel” to preserve its military advantage in the region. In an unprovoked war, the remainder of Palestine, including the West Bank and Gaza were illegally occupied together, with the Golan heights in Syria.

From 1967, “Israel” has systematically colonised The Palestinian Territories, continuing to expel Palestinians from their homes and their land while appropriating their culture.

“Israel” is not the hapless victim it portrays itself to be. It is a political cancer in the host body of west Asia and the Middle East, and like all cancers, if it is not removed it will destroy the host.

‘Israel’ is among the leading armies in the world. It has a population of 8.8 million million. Without American and EU military and financial support, “Israel” would be forced to stop discriminating against the indigenous Palestinian population.

Enter peaceful trade negotiations and nonaggressive treaties with its partners in the region?

It can be argued that “Israel's” bullying and provocative actions are a direct consequence of its birth parents, the UK and USA that support “Israel” unconditionally.

The occupation of the West Bank is illegal. The siege on Gaza is illegal.

Settling Israeli citizens into newly constructed colonies is illegal under the 4th Geneva convention.

The settlements are illegal.

The theft of Palestinian land is illegal.

Denying the right of Palestinians to obtain medical treatment is illegal.

The continued aggression towards Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and Iran are all illegal.

Bombing Damascus is an illegal act of war. “Israel” routinely targets Syria, and deploys efforts to support Daesh groups, Takfirist mercenaries that are illegally occupying large swathes of  the Syrian territory, in a proxy war that involves America, the EU, Gulf States and Saudi Arabia.

The entire destabilisation of west Asia and the Middle East can be left at the door of the creation of yet another white European colonisation project. This is not in America or Africa but in Palestine.

The comparison between what is happening now in the region is reminiscent of the white European colonization of North America and Canada. The indigenous populations were occupied, then ethnically cleansed, dispossessed and finally marginalised to the point of extinction. The same colonial usurpation occurred in Australia and New Zealand.

Indeed the Wild West forts, homesteads and colonisation were the templates for “Israel's” annexation and absorption of the occupied West Bank. The only difference was the century during which these devastating occupations occurred.

From the Wild West to the Middle East, the same colonial mind-set is at work. “Israel” may seem omnipotent, all-powerful and invincible. Indeed it is the only country in the region that possesses a nuclear arsenal, and refuses to publicly acknowledge. 

“Israel” was defeated in 1973 when Egypt recaptured the Sinai Peninsula which had been occupied by Israeli army since the 1967 war.

It faced a humiliating defeat due to Hezbollah resistance, when it was forced to retreat from Lebanon under cover of darkness after years of illegal occupation of South Lebanon, although it still occupies the Sheba farms.

The Israeli aggression was mainly designed to fragment and balkanise Arab and Persian neighbours. However, these aggressive and murderous attacks have actually united the opposition that “Israel” was keen to destroy.

With Iranian troops and Hezbollah defending Syria, continuous Israeli aggressions were led against Iran, assassinating its scientists and military leaders. At this level, we have witnessed the emergence of the axis of resistance,

Now Iran, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Hezbollah and more recently with the advancements in Palestinian resistance technology in Gaza, an amazing united opposition against “Israel” has re-emerged.

"Israel" has the military might to confront any country in the region, because its strength is measured by the armament supplied by the American Administration.

While “Israel” hopes to lure America into a military confrontation with Iran with its false flag attacks on maritime shipping in the Gulf by blaming Iran, the possibility of a wider conflict cannot be ruled out.

With Both China and Russia offering support to Iran and Syria, a global explosion could erupt.

By evicting Palestinians from their homes in Sheik Jarrah, “Israel” sets upon peaceful worshipers at Al-Aqsa mosque and the continued Judaification of Al-Quds (Occupied Jerusalem) by the presence of illegal settlers. This provocative policy reignited the Palestinian’s will to resist the Israeli occupation from all parts of the West Bank, Gaza and increasingly Palestinians from inside. It has become clear that “Israel” is not omnipotent.

It is impotent.

Yes, it can bomb Gaza, getting the region back to the middle ages, but it cannot MAKE IT SUBMIT.

It can occupy the Golan Heights and the Sheba Farms but it will not commit ground troops in Lebanon, Gaza or Syria.

It could only launch proxy wars: To bomb civilians from the sky and assassinate from a distance, to carry out low-level attacks on Iran and destabilize Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, but it has neither the capacity nor the courage for a street fight.

11 days in May showed how an occupied unarmed people could resist the might of one of the largest best-equipped armies in the world.

The Palestinians fight every day with stones and rocks against guns, tanks and fighter planes. They suffer innumerable deaths unreported by the West. They watch their sons and daughters having legs shattered by Zionist snipers of the Israeli “defence” forces for daring to stand up against the illegal, apartheid state that occupies and murders them.

Israel's strength is undeniable yet it has proven a facade.

As long as it is supported and sponsored by its birth parents America and now the EU, it will continue to aggress the neighbouring countries, like a spoiled child to lash out, at all those around it.

Bad behaviour is seemingly rewarded with more bombs, missiles, aircraft and submarines to further bully the neighbourhood.

No one wants further aggression war or destabilisation in the region. The resistance is a strong force for peace and stability.

“Israel” is facing a huge backlash from civil society all over the world. The question is, will it be enough to force the changes the world needs to see peace in West Asia?

Only time will tell.

One thing is for sure, the resistance will have a say in the outcome.

I stand with those who challenge continued Apartheid Israeli aggression.

The opinions mentioned in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Al mayadeen, but rather express the opinion of its writer exclusively.
Fra Hughes

Journalist, author, and activist.