Iran Resumes Commercial flights to Afghanistan

Iran's private Mahan airline has landed at Kabul on the first flight from Iran to the Afghan capital.

  • A Mahan Air flight lands in Kabul carrying 19 passengers
    A Mahan Air flight lands in Kabul carrying 19 passengers

The Iranian private airline "Mahan Air" landed in Kabul on Wednesday, marking the first trip from Iran to Afghanistan's capital since the airport resumed flights.

The Afghan Ariana news channel reported that the plane was carrying 19 passengers.

Last Monday, Suhail Shaheen, the spokesman for the Taliban's political bureau, confirmed Kabul's desire to resume flights with Russia and Turkey.

The Afghan Civil Aviation Authority, which is controlled by the Taliban, has previously stated that Kabul Airport will begin receiving aircraft from Turkey and Russia shortly, confirming that civil aviation traffic is normal.

Kabul airport's manager declared on Sunday that flights to and from the capital have increased, with some flights transporting humanitarian aid to the country. He also announced that a number of international flights have been resumed.

Domestic flights have also returned to normal.

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane had landed at Kabul Airport on Monday, making it the first since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan. The trip This trip constitutes the first indication of the normalization of economic relations between Pakistan and the Taliban Movement.