Brazil's President Banned from Attending a Football Game

Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro was banned from attending the Santos vs Gremio football game because he has not yet received the COVID-19 vaccine shots.

  • Brazilian Bolsonaro says he was denied entry to the Santos vs Gremio football match.
    Brazilian Bolsonaro says he was denied entry to the Santos vs Gremio football match

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro claims he was denied entry to a football match between Santos and Gremio because he didn't have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

On Sunday, Bolsonaro asked reporters, "Why the card, vaccination passport? I just wanted to watch the Santos game, and they said he has to be vaccinated. Why is that?" He insisted he has more antibodies than those who have actually received the shots.

According to local media, Bolsonaro is now on vacation in Sao Paulo. The Brazilian President has expressed skepticism about coronavirus vaccines and has refused to be inoculated.

He got infected with the coronavirus in July 2020. After being in quarantine for a couple of weeks, the President – an opponent of lockdowns who also defies mask-wearing rules – returned to work

Protests against Bolsonaro 

Hundreds protested on September 13 against Jair Bolsanaro in Rio de Janeiro and other cities to demand Bolsanaro's impeachment, days after a mass mobilization by far-right groups in support of the President. Under his term, Brazil is witnessing crisis after crisis.

The demonstrations in the streets of Rio de Janeiro and other Brazilian cities were held by conservative Brazilian movements, such as Movimento Brasil Livre (Free Brazil Movement) and Vem Pra Rua (Come to the Street). These two movements had also pressed for the impeachment of leftist President Dilma Rousseff in 2016.