The Zodiac Identified after Decades

A team of expert investigators was able to identify the Zodiac, who died in 2018.

  • Francis Poste or the Zodiac (Social Media)
    Francis Poste or the Zodiac (Social Media)

According to an article by The Independent, the Zodiac, one of the most notorious US serial killers from the sixties, was identified by a group of volunteers sleuths made up of investigative specialists.

The team, called the Case Breakers, comprises more than 40 private investigators, former police officers, forensic experts, and federal agents. 

The Zodiac kept a low profile for decades

The serial killer was known for taunting authorities using codes and messages, some of which were sent to newspapers. "His identity was never revealed," said the article.

The Zodiac was later identified as Francis Poste who died in 2018. The conclusion was reached following several years of collecting clues, which include "photos found in his darkroom, a pattern of scars or wrinkles on his forehead that match a police sketch of the Zodiac, and forensic evidence including DNA." The report adds that "if you remove the letters of Mr. Poste’s full name from one of the ciphers, it reveals an alternate message."

The Zodiac claimed he murdered 37 victims in his codes

Between December 1968 and October 1969, five known victims were attributed to Zodiac in the San Francisco Bay Area, although the killer claimed to have murdered 37 victims in his letters and ciphers sent to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Zodiac became the protagonist in many cultural works including films, documentaries, and books over the years.