“1,111” Linked to Palestinian Resistance’s Missile Capabilities: Sources

Reliable sources reported to Al Mayadeen that the number 1,111 refers to Palestinian resistance’s missile capabilities and its constant readiness to surprise the Israeli occupation in any battle.

  • Sinwar: “Remember the number 1,111”.
    Sinwar: “Remember the number 1,111”.

The head of the "Hamas" movement in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, made a controversial comment following a meeting with Egyptian intelligence chief Abbas Kamel.

 Sinwar said “we are confident that we are able to extract our rights”. He also told reporters cryptically to “write down the number 1,111.”

The number 1,111

“I want to tell you something. Remember the number 1,111. What are the details of this number? I can’t say at this moment. But you need to remember this number well, “Sinwar added.

“You will recall it well [in the future],” Sinwar stressed.

In this context, reliable Sources told Al-Mayadeen that the number 1,111 doesn’t refer to the number of Palestinian prisoners held by “Israel” that the Palestinian resistance is demanding. However, it is related to the development of the resistance’s operational and tactical level of warfare — during Saif al-Quds battle”.

“Deal to include prisoners from all factions”

The same sources emphasized that “the number 1,111 indicates the Palestinian resistance’s missile capabilities and its continuous willingness to surprise “Israel” in any upcoming battle if the occupation continues in its brutal aggression on the Gaza Strip."

Concerning the prisoner exchange deal, Palestinian sources, close to “Hamas”, made it clear that any upcoming deal will include Palestinian prisoners with life sentences from all factions without any exceptions, assuring that “the deal will only take place under the terms of the Palestinian resistance”.

Furthermore, the source said that Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti and secretary-general of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) Ahmad Sa'adat are among the prisoners included in the exchange deal.

“Israel” detains 4,500 Palestinians

According to a new report issued by the Palestinian Authority's Prisoner Affairs Commission, “Israel” is currently detaining about 4,500 Palestinians in its prisons, among them 41 women and 140 children below 18 years. Since the beginning of 2021, Israeli occupation forces have arrested more than 1,400 Palestinians.

Furthermore, nearly 550 Palestinian prisoners suffer from numerous diseases and require urgent monitoring and healthcare. At least 10 inmates suffer from cancer of varying degrees.

Some Palestinian prisoners have spent 40 years in Israeli jails with 543 sentenced to several life sentences.

The report also indicated that as many as 226 Palestinians have martyred in Israeli prisons since 1967, including 73 due to torture, 71 due to medical negligence and seven due to repression and direct shooting from soldiers and guards. In addition, 75 Palestinians have been martyred as a result of premeditated murder.