Iranian Elections 2021: The Unwavering Presence of Imam Khomeini

The 32nd anniversary of Imam Khomeini's departure falls days before the presidential elections in Iran; Sayyed Khamenei recalls what the "Imam of Change and Transformation" asserted: "Elections are a legitimate duty."

  • The 32nd anniversary of Imam Khomeini
    The 32nd anniversary of Imam Khomeini

As years pass, the great impact and legacy of Imam Khomeini becomes clearer in the hearts and minds of Iranian people.

The 32nd anniversary of his passing coincides with many challenges which mainly include the upcoming presidential elections, talks on the Iran nuclear deal, as well as the country's economic uprising following the consequences of sanctions and the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

Imam Khomeini and Presidential elections

Iranian Leader Sayyed Ali Khamenei says Iran is stronger than ever as the country marks the 32nd anniversary of the passing away of its revolutionary founder Imam Khomeini.  

In his speech, Khamenei said Imam Khomeini’s outstanding initiative was that he created and introduced the idea of the Islamic Republic and then realized it.

“The great work of our esteemed Imam was to create this idea and theory of the Islamic Republic and to introduce it into the field of various political theories, in which there were various Eastern and Western political theories,” the Leader added, stressing that Imam Khomeini then took action and put his theory into practice.

“The unique Imam brought the people to the field with a leaping movement. The nation believed in itself and the Imam used the great capacity of the nation's ability and will, and with his leadership and guidance, he was able to take it to a stage where he could do great things,” he added.

Besides, the elections were one of the topics that Imam Khomeini urged most during his political life.

Imam Khomeini repeatedly called for Iranians to go into the polls, so that the election process can be considered eligible.”

Iranian leaders and the Importance of voting 

It is worth mentioning that Sayyed Khamenei's vision of the importance of balloting is not different from the vision of the late Imam.

Iranian leader Sayyed Khamenei stressed during his latest speech that "the will of the Iranian people is embodied in the elections, and Imam Khomeini considered it a legitimate duty."

Iranian Presidential election and social media 

In parallel, a large number of activists on Twitter interacted with the anniversary of the Imam's departure, and a number of them linked the memory to the atmosphere of the elections, by invoking some of Imam Khomeini's quotes.

Furthermore, the hashtag #Khomeini_TheGreatLeader became viral. One activist tweeted:  “The man who changed the world, Imam Khomeini”.

Another activist also tweeted: “You will always remain in our hearts, Oh our Rehbar! Nobody could ever lead us the way you did! You showed the world that any war can be won with love”.

On June 2021, the Islamic Republic of Iran is scheduled to hold a presidential election to determine the successor to current Iranian president Hassan Rouhani.