In Video: US Trained Militants, 'ISIS' Members

The Syrian Military Public Prosecution presents footage of confessions of Syrian militants and 'ISIS' members who received training by US forces in Syria to carry out attacks against and assassinate Syrian and Russian soldiers and allied experts.

  • In Video: US Trained Militants, 'ISIS' Members
    In Video: US Trained Militants, 'ISIS' Members

The Syrian Military Public Prosecution showcased images and footage of Syrian militants confessing that they received training from the United States military in its areas of influence in Syria.

The confessions revealed that the US trained 'ISIS' operatives to use modern communication and espionage equipment.

The photos showed the US military training Syrian fighters to use advanced weapons and their joint patrols.

The confessions also showed that the Americans used Syrian and foreign agents to carry out assassinations and attacks on Syrian and Russian military personnel and experts from countries allied with Syria.

The Military Public Prosecution confirmed in a statement that the occupation of large parts of Syrian territory by the United States and its establishment of military bases and airports constitute military aggression in the eyes of international law and the United Nations Charter.

The statement said that the United States, with the help of European and regional countries, resorted to using field agents, some of whom are Syrians that agreed to be agents, and others are foreigners whom it brought from different parts of the world, training, arming, and financing them to launch their attacks on the Syrian and Russian military and other experts from Syrian-allied countries that Syrian called on to help it defend its sovereignty independence in the face of the fierce attacks it is facing.

The statement indicated that the testimonies of some of those militants and the field agents heading them confirmed that they indeed did participate in launching direct attacks and assassinations against Russian and Syrian officials in exchange for money. The statement also indicated that the investigation is still ongoing in the Syrian Military Public Prosecution to determine the extent of the United States Special Services' direct involvement in managing such operations on the ground.

It considered that what was revealed earlier, about the US president Joe Biden's intent to stop Delta Chris Energy's activity of stealing and smuggling oil extracted in the Syrian territories, is compelling evidence that the United States government committed an unprecedented violation in modern international affairs.

The statement included several photos in which a number of terrorists appear alongside an American trainer who is training them on how to use US-made TOW missiles and 82-caliber mortars. The photos also show a joint patrol carried out by terrorists standing side by side with US soldiers in the Syria-Jordan border area of Al-Tanf. They also included joint night training between the US forces and terrorists to practice using night-vision goggles and modern reconnaissance tech.

The statement also included testimonies from some field commanders and terrorists admitting that the latter had received training from US forces.