'Israel' Urge Egypt To Prevent Cement From Entering Gaza Strip

Israeli media reports that "Israel urges Egypt to prevent cement and construction materials from entering the Gaza Strip," indicating that Israeli officials hope to meet their Egyptian counterparts regarding this matter.

  • A destoyed building in the Gaza Strip.
    A destroyed building in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli 'i24News' reported that 'Israel' is seeking to ensure that the Palestinian factions do not use "dual-use items."

'Israel' demanded Egypt, according to the Israeli website, to prevent the entry of cement and other construction materials into the Gaza Strip that "the Palestinian factions can divert for military purposes," according to what 'KAN' reported Thursday.

Israeli media stated that "Israeli seeks to ensure that the Palestinian factions do not use 'dual-usage materials' that enter the Palestinian territories three days a week through Salah al-Din Road in Rafah."

Goods and merchandise reported to have entered the Gaza Strip through the Rafah border crossing include cement, construction materials, and fuel.

'KAN' indicated that "Israeli officials hope to meet with their Egyptian counterparts on this issue after they acknowledged that without controls on goods entering Gaza, there is no way to prevent Hamas from replenishing its military capabilities."

According to the report, "Israel informed Egypt that it does not oppose teams of Egyptian engineers in the Gaza Strip to help remove the rubble left by the Israeli army's airstrikes," stressing that it "does not want to repair the underground tunnels used by Hamas and other armed Palestinian factions."

And the Israeli website said, "In the past week, Egypt brought dozens of bulldozers and heavy tools into the Strip to remove the rubble and rubble under the supervision of Egyptian Ibn Sina Construction and Trade company, which is working to remove the rubble." According to various reports, the company is working in coordination with the Egyptian army and intelligence.