Iran Enters Election Silence

Ahead of the Iranian presidential elections that start on Friday, the Iranian Minister of Interior states that the voting time for Iranians at home and abroad is from 7 AM until 12 AM, with the possibility of extending the time until 2 am if needed.

  • Iran Enters Election Silence
    Iran Presidential elections start at 7 AM Friday.

Iran entered election silence at midnight Thursday ahead of the presidential elections that will start at 7 AM in the country.

Iranian Minister of Interior Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said that the elections that will start Friday would be from 7 AM (4:30 AM Friday Al-Quds time) until 12 AM (10:30 PM Friday Al-Quds time), adding the possibility of extending the election period until 2 am Saturday if needed.

Fazli said in a statement he made Wednesday that "there are 66,800 polling stations for the presidential elections 75,015 polling stations for the municipal and village council elections," adding that "the reason for increasing the number of polling stations in the municipal and village elections in contrast with the polling stations for the presidential elections goes back to the fact that the presidential elections are allowed to use mobile boxes only in some villages."

He highlighted that the number of voters who have the right to vote in the country is 59,310,307 citizens, 1,392,138 of which have recently reached the legal age, which is 18 years, meaning that they will be voting for the first time.

Fazli indicated that the Ministry of Energy is charged with a decision issued by the president to provide electricity to all polling stations on election day.

According to the Iranian Minister of Interior, there is no possibility of fraud in the elections due to the ministry using dedicated identification devices.