Sayyed Khamenei: Iranian People Decide Fate of Country

Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei casts his votes after polling stations opened, says that election day is the day that the Iranian people decide their country's fate for the coming years.

  • Sayyed Khamenei: Iranian People Decide Fate of Country
    Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Iranian Supreme Leader Sayyed Ali Khamenei made a press statement after casting his vote in the 13th Iranian presidential election this morning, saying that the Iranian people "will see good" from these elections.

Sayyed Khamenei cast his ballot this morning in the electoral center of Imam Khomeini's Husseiniya in Tehran in the first minutes after the polls for the Iranian presidential elections opened.

In a statement to Iranian television, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said, "Election day is the day of the Iranian people. Today, the people are the main director of the arena. Our people today, by attending the polls and casting their vote, determine the country's basic and general situation in the coming years."

He added that the Iranian people "today decide the fate of the country for the coming years, from morning until night, by coming to the polls. It is the maker of this future, and that is why we say that human logic calls for participation in this national test at the level of all Iranian territories."

The Iranian leader stressed the necessity of collectively participating in the elections, indicating that this would earn Iran privileges among other countries.

The polls in Iran's 13th presidential election opened at 7 AM Friday local time for more than 59 million Iranians that are eligible to participate in the election process.