Iranian Officials Participate in Presidential Elections

Iranian officials and the heads of the country's first authorities are taking part in the Presidential elections since the early morning hours, urging the Iranian people to heavily participate.

  • Iranian Officials Participate in Presidential Elections
    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

The heads of the Iranian authorities cast their ballots in the Iranian presidential elections and called on the citizens to heavily participate in the 13th presidential election.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that "the people of the country should turn a blind eye to past mistakes and attend the polls," expressing his keenness that "the people's votes follow the right path and for them to reach their goal."

Rouhani wished that "the elections will be conducted properly and the results will make people happy," addressing the citizens by saying: "Do not invite a vote to change its place or go to another place, I know that you are considering this matter and I confirm its consideration."

Rouhani stated Thursday that many of his country's enemies, "and those against us around the world, want the polls to be empty tomorrow, so we must not allow their dreams to come true." 

The head of the Expediency Council, Sheikh Sadeq Larijani, and the speaker of the Iranian Shura Council, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, also voted in the elections.

Ghalibaf expressed his hope that his country will witness a "transformation in the administration after the election," saying that the election "is a major opportunity for the people to choose the faces that will run the country, and for them to change them according to their critical view."

He continued: "This duty falls on the shoulders of the people: to choose and examine who they want to run the country for the next four years, and to place this administration in the custody of whoever represents them."

The Chairman of the Assembly of Experts, Sheikh Ahmad Jannati, said after casting his vote that the Iranian people "recorded, up to this point, their presence in all fields. And as long as these people are on the ground, the enemy can't commit an act of folly."

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs account posted a tweet showing Minister Zarif voting in one of the polling divisions supervised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs outside the country while he is in Antalya, Turkey, which he is visiting to participate in the Antalya Diplomacy Forum as well as to hold meetings and talks with several officials.

Iranian Supreme Leader Sayyed Ali Khamenei cast his ballot this morning in the electoral center of Imam Khomeini's Husseiniya in Tehran in the first minutes after the polls for the Iranian presidential elections opened.