Preliminary Results: Ebrahim Raisi Wins

Preliminary results of the Iranian presidential elections put candidate Ebrahim Raisi in the lead, with more than 17 million votes, followed by candidate Abdolnaser Hemmati and candidate Mohsen Rezaee. Amir-Hossein Ghazizadeh Hashemi is ranked fourth.

  • Preliminary Results: Ebrahim Raisi Wins
    Preliminary Results: Ebrahim Raisi Wins

On Saturday, the Iranian authorities announced that the candidate, Ebrahim Raisi, who served as head of the country's judiciary, had won the 13th presidential election.

The Iranian Ministry of Interior stated that the presidential candidate, Ebrahim Raisi, has so far obtained more than 17 million and 800,000 votes, in the preliminary results of the presidential elections.

Al-Mayadeen's correspondent reported that the head of the Elections Committee, Jamal Araf, would soon announce the presidential elections' preliminary results.

Iranian candidates congratulated Ebrahim Raisi for winning the presidential elections before the official results were released, and President Hassan Rouhani congratulated the Iranian people and said he was waiting to congratulate Raisi until the official results were announced.

Iranian Interior Ministry sources told Al-Mayadeen that 28 million and 500 thousand votes had been registered in the presidential elections.

On Friday morning, Iranian time, the polling process began and polling stations opened to more than 59 million Iranians who are eligible to vote and participate in the 13th round of presidential elections.

The polls were closed at 2 am today, Saturday, after the voting period was extended three times due to crowding and the intensity of popular participation in the elections.