US "Plots" Maduro's Assassination Attempt

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reveals that the CIA Director William Burns and the commander of US Southern Command visited Colombia and Brazil to plan his assassination.

  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during a military ceremony
    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during a military ceremony

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused the CIA and the US military of plotting to assassinate him, wondering if his US counterpart, Joe Biden, had authorized it.

"Did Joe Biden endorse Donald Trump's orders to lead Venezuela into a civil war and kill us?," the Venezuelan president commented during a military ceremony, on Friday, on the visits made by CIA Director William Burns and the commander of the US Southern Command, Admiral Craig Faller, to Colombia and Brazil. 

"Our sources in Colombia assure us that those US Officials came to prepare a plan targeting me and important political and military leaders," he added. Wondering, "Did President Joe Biden allow the plan aimed at assassinating me and senior political and military leaders in Venezuela?”.

On December 8, 2020, Maduro revealed an assassination plot targeting him during the legislative elections.

Maduro indicated that "I changed my polling station because there was information about a plot to assassinate me," adding that "a very reliable Colombian intelligence source told me that the assassination was planned to be live and broadcast."

On 26 June-2019 a "coup" attempt was thwarted, including a plan to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro and appoint a general in his place, Minister of Popular Power for Communication and Information Jorge Rodriguez, as the Venezuelan government announced.

Likewise, three years ago, in August 2018, Maduro accused America and Colombia of seeking to provoke violence in Venezuela. In a speech after the failed assassination attempt that targeted him, Maduro accused Colombia of being behind the attack using drones and explosives that targeted him while he was giving his speech at a military ceremony.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro had revealed that the US special envoy for Iran and Venezuela, Elliot Abrams, offered Venezuela's First Lady Celia Flores de Maduro to "divorce him and live in prosperity in any country of her choice."

This came in a televised speech delivered by Maduro, during which he said that his wife refused the American representative's offer "with a very nice smile."