Hamas: Gantz's Threats to Gaza Meant to Restore Army's Image

“Hamas” Spokesman Hazem Qassem says that Benny Gantz's statement is an attempt to deceive the Israeli society and points out that the occupation always resorts to threats of war and aggression.

  • "Hamas" Spokesman Hazem Qassem

"Hamas" Spokesman Hazem Qassem responded to Israeli Security Minister Benny Gantz's statements in which he threatened to launch new military action against the Gaza Strip.

Hamas Spokesman considered Gantz's threats of launching "new military action" against Gaza an "attempt to restore his army's image."

Qassem said, on Monday, that "Gantz's statements are an attempt to restore his army's image that received a blow by the Resistance's performance in the battle of Seif al-Quds."

He considered that "those threats are an attempt to deceive the Zionist public, and that the occupation always resorts to threats of war and aggression," adding that "our people are accustomed to such threats that do not frighten them and do not impose threats to our resistance." 

He continued, "We are in a legitimate struggle to retrieve our rights, land, and sanctity and to protect our right to live freely and decently," stressing that, "we will continue to do so despite the threats."

On Sunday, Gantz said in an interview for Israeli Channel (13) that "the Israeli army will take new military action in Gaza if the incendiary balloons continue to be launched from the Strip."

He added, "After the last operation, we said that we would not accept the status quo, so the continued launching of balloons will lead us to another confrontation," noting that the army is "working to locate more targets in the Gaza Strip."