Israeli Minister Stranded Near Azerbaijan–Iran Border

Former Israeli Communications Minister Ayoub Kara, "visited the borderline between Iran and Azerbaijan this week, where his car broke down on a deserted road in an area full of landmines left by the Armenian army".

  • Israeli Former Communications Minister Ayoub Kara
    Israeli Former Communications Minister Ayoub Kara

The "Jewish Press" website reported today that the Israeli's former Minister of Communications, Ayoub Kara, was stranded for several hours after his car broke down, on the borderline between Iran and Azerbaijan, during his anonymous visit to Azerbaijan.

The Minister was rescued by the Azerbaijani government and military officials, according to the website. 

According to the "Jewish Press" website, the former Israeli Minister "was touring the border separating Azerbaijan from Iran this week, and his car broke down on an unpaved road, in an area that’s known to be strewn with thousands of landmines left by the Armenian military."

Kara further added that "The road from "Israel" to Beirut is very similar to Karabakh. It is not formally accessible to the average driver, but there is no other option but to use it anyway. I feel like I’m in a war zone in these areas. In Karabakh, they got nothing left. Roads must be paved before anything. You can’t bring any civilian over before you finish the roads.”

The website added that "the Former Communications Minister's mission during his visit to Azerbaijan is unclear yet", pointing out that Kara expressed his desire to “help Azerbaijan rebuild this area so that refugees from Azerbaijan will be able to return to their villages and cities.”

The Israeli Minister advised the government of Azerbaijan to build "Kibbutzim" or "Settlements" in this area, indicating that this method is similar to the way "Israel" was built, further he stated that “We should send over Israeli companies to help clear off the landmines,” and "we can offer the Azerbaijanis the right technology” to rebuild the area.