Israeli Media: Israeli Officials Have Fallen, yet Al-Assad Stands as President of Syria

Israeli media outlets say that "former Israeli officials who have expected the fall of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad have now themselves fallen."

  • Israeli media: We Have Fallen, yet Al-Assad Remains
    Israeli media: We Have Fallen, yet Al-Assad Remains

The Israeli "Channel 13" mentioned today, Saturday, that "former Israeli officials once said that the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad is expected to fall within a month, yet they themselves have fallen, and Al-Assad is still President of Syria and for a whole new presidential term."

The Arab affairs correspondent for Israeli "Channel 13", Hezi Simentov, added: "Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad was sworn in today in Damascus for an additional presidential term, as we saw everyone there in a standing ovation for him, and a part of the audience hailed for the president... 'We love you'."

It is worth noting that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad took the oath of office before the members of the People's Assembly this morning for a new presidential term.

In April 2021, Israeli media also said that "'Israel' believes that Al-Assad has resolved the war in Syria and the demand for overthrowing him is inapplicable."

And going back to February 2018, Israeli media reported that "the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has moved from the stage of threat to the stage of implementation."