Bezos Goes to Space

Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, flies to space on a rocket developed by his aerospace company, Blue Origin.

  • Bezos Goes to Space
    The Blue Origin aims to cater to 'space tourism.'

All aboard the New Shepard, a rocket manufactured by Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos makes it out of space in parallel with his billionaire entourage in an unprecedented space race. 

The New Shepard lifted into space on 9:11 am in west Texas, on an unpiloted suborbital flight with an all-civilian crew. After two minutes from launch time, the capsule separated from the rocket and made its way to the Karman Line, which is the most recognized 'limit' in the sky - 1000 km from Earth's surface. 

Blue Origin is a private aerospace company owned by Jeff Bezos, created particularly to cater to the emerging space tourism market. 

The crew consists of Wally Funk, who is the oldest astronaut into outer space and the youngest astronaut, who is Oliver Daemen. Bezos' brother, Mark Bezos, was also a crew member on the 11-minute voyage which 'touched' the edge of space then landed back down. 

After the capsule parachuted down, Bezos exclaimed, "Best day ever!"