Aoun Assigns Mikati As New PM-Designate

Following Lebanese PM-designate Saad Hariri’s resignation, Lebanese President Michel Aoun appoints the former PM Najib Mikati as the new PM-designate after securing enough votes in parliamentary consultations.

  • Lebanon’s new Prime Designate-Minister Najib Mikati
    Lebanon’s new Prime Minister Designated, Najib Mikati

The Lebanese President Michel Aoun assigned, today, Monday, the former Prime Minister Najib Mikati to form the new government. 

Mikati called on the Lebanese parties to cooperate and to forsake disputes, saying that, "If I hadn’t been sure about external guarantees and convinced that it was time for someone to be at the forefront in limiting the fire, I wouldn’t have done that." Mikati secured the majority of the parliamentary votes, recording 72 out of 118 votes following the binding parliamentary consultations called for by President Michel Aoun.

"A government whose one of its first tasks is to implement the French initiative, which is the interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese economy and reviving it... I took it upon myself not to respond to what is being circulated in the media and social media. Good speech is brief speech,” PM-designate Mikati stated from the Presidential Palace in Baabda.

During the past year, and with Lebanon residing in the midst of an economic crisis, two attempts by the Lebanese Cabinet to form a government had failed.

Mikati’s appointment follows the resignation of Former PM-designate Saad Hariri nine months after he was charged with the formation of the government but failed due to political disagreements.

If Mikati's mission succeeds, he will become Lebanon's Prime Minister for the third time.