Sources to Al Mayadeen: 4 People Belonging to Ennahda Movement Arrested

Al Mayadeen sources reported that 4 people belonging to Ennahda movement have been arrested, and the wife of Ennahda MP Yassine Ayari confirms that her husband has been detained.

  • Demonstration supporting Ennahda movement in Tunisia
    Demonstration supporting Ennahda movement in Tunisia

According to Al Mayadeen sources, 4 people belonging to the Ennahda movement were arrested, including the bodyguard of the President of the Tunisian Ennahda Party, Rached Ghannouchi. Sources also divulged that among the detainees is a member of the Shura council. 

Samir Dilou, leader of the Ennahda movement, stated "I refuse to use the street to back my actions", and Ennahda must learn lessons." Al Mayadeen's correspondent in Tunisia reported that the wife of Ennahda’s MP, Yassine Ayari, confirmed that her husband has been arrested.

Ayari had previously criticized President Kais Saied and accused him of carrying out a "military coup", after Saied, on Sunday, dismissed Prime Minister Hichem Al Machichi, suspended parliament for a month, and assumed executive power.

The “Hope and Action” movement released a statement on Facebook that MP Yassin Ayari was detained in front of his home. 

Sirin Al-Fitouri, Ayari’s wife, disclosed to Reuters by phone that “20 men in civilian clothing came to the house who said they were part of presidential security and detained him when he came forward.”   

Earlier Today, Al Mayadeen correspondant reported that military and security units are working to secure the Central Bank of Tunisia, noting that military vehicles and personnel have been deployed in the vicinity to secure the Central Bank headquarters in the capital.

These measures were taken after the Tunisian army was assigned the task of securing a number of official national, sovereign, and judicial institutions, including the House of Representatives, the Presidency of the Government, the financial judicial poles, and battling terrorism.

The Tunisian Presidency had issued a decision suspending all the powers of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People for a month-long period.

The Presidency also decided to lift the parliamentary immunity of all members of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People for the duration of the suspension of the Assembly's work, and the Assembly's administrative and financial work would be conducted by the General Secretary of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People.

Saeid affirmed that exceptional measures are being taken to protect rights and freedoms as well as the state's continuity, emphasizing that there is no room for manipulation, separation, or implosion.