Confrontations Between Protestors, Security Forces in Beirut

In light of demonstrators commemorating the Beirut Blast on its first anniversary, confrontations erupted between the protestors and the security services.

  • Lebanese demonstrators confronting security services in Beirut
    Lebanese demonstrators confronting security forces in Beirut

Confrontations erupted Wednesday near Parliament in Beirut, Lebanon, between Lebanese demonstrators and the security services in light of the protests commemorating the Beirut blast on its first anniversary.

While thousands of Lebanese people gathered near the destroyed Beirut port, hundreds headed towards Parliament, in the vicinity of which security services were deployed.

According to the National News Agency, dozens of young men attempted to cross the barriers set up on the streets leading to Parliament.

The protestors threw rocks at the Lebanese security services, who responded with tear gas and water cannons in an attempt to disperse them. Confrontations between the two parties are still ongoing.

The Lebanese Red Cross announced that it transported six casualties from downtown Beirut, adding that dozens were treated at the scene.

On Wednesday, the Lebanese commemorate the first anniversary of the Beirut blast, an explosion that killed at least 214 people and injured 6,500. It also caused massive destruction in the port and its vicinity, affecting the majority of the city and its suburbs.