Raisi Proposes Cabinet to Iranian Parliament

Iranian President-elect Ibrahim Raisi, has presented his proposed cabinet to the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Muhammed Baqer Qalibaf for approval.

  • Raisi Proposes Cabinet to Shura Council
    Raisi presented his cabinet to the  Iranian Parliament for approval

Today, Wednesday, Iranian President-elect Ibrahim Raisi submitted his proposed government formation to the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Mohammed Baqer Qalibaf for approval.

Important names in the portfolio of nominated ministers are: 

Hossein Abdollahian for Minister of Foreign Affairs, Brigadier General Muhammad Reza Ashtiani for the armed forces defense and support, Ahmad Vahidi for Interior Minister, and Esmail Khatib for Security. 

The Iranian presidential office has named Masoud Mir Kazemi assistant and head of the Planning and Budget Organization.

Raisi took his presidential oath on August 5, in the presence of delegates from 50 nations, after he was elected as president. 

Last June, Raisi announced a new era of cooperation to form the new government, urging his political opponents in the elections to cooperate with him in order to successfully serve the Iranian people. 

Last Sunday, Raisi issued a decree appointing Mohammad Mokhber as Vice President. 

In July, while visiting religious conferences in Qom, Raisi emphasized that "strengthening and building comprehensive relations with neighboring countries is one of the priorities of the government that we will form," considering that "such relations serve both Iran and its neighboring countries as well."