Al Mayadeen: Israeli Team Present at Dubai Explosion

Al Mayadeen obtained a classified document which has revealed information about the Jebel Ali explosion in Dubai, previously clouded by media censorship.

  • Al Mayadeen: Israeli Team Present at Dubai Explosion
    The explosion site in Jebel Ali. 

Al Mayadeen disclosed a classified document concerning the Dubai explosion which occurred on July 7, 2021 in Jebel Ali. 

The explosion occurred inside a ship container docked at the Dubai port. Due to the complete media blackout which prohibited journalists and photographers from documenting the explosion site, not much was to be acknowledged since. 

However, the classified document obtained by Al Mayadeen addresses the "who and how," exposing the presence of a team of 6 Israelis on site of the explosion. 

It was reported that 3 Israelis were killed, and 2 were severely injured.

As for how the site was 'cleaned up,' some bodies were buried while others were shipped back to their 'home' countries under the patronage and protection of the police due to the highly delicate nature of the situation. 

It was also noted that residents within a 50km radius of the explosion site felt the magnitude of the explosion.