Amos Yadlin Criticizes US Intelligence Failure in Afghanistan

As US forces continue their withdrawal from Afghanistan, the former head of the IOF Military Intelligence Directorate criticizes the United States' withdrawal.

  • Former head of the Israeli Occupation Forces' Military Intelligence Directorate, Amos Yaldin
    The former head of the Israeli Occupation Forces' Military Intelligence Directorate, Amos Yaldin.

Amos Yaldin, the former head of the IOF Military Intelligence Directorate, touched on the scenes of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. He said the United States' withdrawal from Afghanistan, especially as it was depicted, was insulting.

He said the withdrawal does not help the United States' allies in the region; despite that fact, "Israel is not in Afghanistan, and that must be said loud and clear," he added.

The former Israeli official's stance comes after the situation in Afghanistan deteriorated as the Taliban captured the majority of the country and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country to Tajikistan.

"We do not count on the United States. We do not expect the US to solve our security issues, and not once did we ask them to spill a drop of blood for us. We said give us the means and give us aid, through security aid, give us political support in the United Nations and the Security Council," he added.

He said "Israel" carries out its security work by itself. He asserted that there is a collapse in Afghanistan. "The United States could be leaving the Middle East, and this did not start in Afghanistan; it started in Iraq and continued in Syria," he added.

IOF Brigadier-General, Yossi Kuperwasser, said Monday the rapid collapse of the Afghan government is another evidence of the difficulty that the West in general, and American intelligence in particular, face in understanding the Islamic world.

He added that the American withdrawal from Afghanistan will be internationally considered a sign of weakness.

Former senior IOF official Amos Gilad said, "We must continue to enhance our relations with the stable Arab regimes that are fighting these dark forces."

He saw that the US intelligence failed miserably through the entire decision-making phase, saying "Israel" must be very vigilant to make sure that does not happen in the region.

Israeli Media: the United States humiliated in Afghanistan

The Israeli media, commenting on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, said: "With the United States withdrawing its last nationals, it is, in reality, fleeing from Afghanistan, and it is not a withdrawal as the current administration is trying to portray it."

"After 30 years, the United States leaves Afghanistan in Joe Biden's era in a humiliating manner," the Israeli media added.

Israeli Channel 13 saw that the United States forces leaving Afghanistan and abandoning those who cooperated with them is a terrifying image for all of America's allies in the Middle East, "and this is bad news for Israel."

The channel said the message and reality are that "Israel" could be completely alone against Iran. "This administration does not care, and that is a very tough event, which should concern us."

In turn, Israeli Channel 12 said the United States invested $88 billion in the Afghan army over the course of 20 years, considering what happened to be bewildering.

The same channel asserted that this money all evaporated in one month. "There is a symbolic thing here, and this symbolism is used today by all regional anti-US forces. The symbolic thing here is that this is how those who count on the United States will end. They will find themselves alone."

Meanwhile, Military Affairs commentator for Channel 12, Nir Dvori, said that "The US withdrawal from the Middle East will affect Iraq and Syria."