Zakharova: Russia to Mull Recognizing Taliban as Afghanistan's Authority

The Russian Foreign Ministry's Spokesperson Maria Zakharova voiced Russia's concern over "growing social and economic tension in Afghanistan," urging the international community to help.

  • Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova
    Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova

Russia condemned the latest US raid, which resulted in civilian casualties, in the Afghan capital of Kabul, and asserted that it's in search of a way to offer humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova noted during a press conference she held today, that "the final chord of the international coalition’s military presence was another incident resulting in the death of civilians in a strike by a US drone, which caused the collapse of a home and the death of nine people, including six children. We strongly condemn such indiscriminate use of force."

Zakharova also described the result of NATO's mission in Afghanistan as a failure and a disaster, clarifying that "the problems of terrorism, drug trafficking, and low living standards of the local population have not been resolved," rather, they deteriorated.


Zakharova also considered that the situation throughout these years did not get any better or more stable, rather NATO left behind what is evident in footage broadcast all around the world.

"We are particularly concerned about the growing social and economic tension in Afghanistan, which is associated with the suspension of financial and technical assistance from traditional Western donors. There is still uncertainty about the resumption of work of state institutions and banks," she said.

She also added that Kabul and other major cities are witnessing dissatisfaction towards "Taliban" policies in light of rising prices, calling on the international community to "take effective measures to prevent a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan," also saying that Russia is mulling the possibility of "delivering Russian humanitarian aid to Kabul."

Zakharova also expressed that Russia is in favor of the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan, noting that there are signs that the "Taliban" is ready to develop its relationship with the international community.

Asked whether Russia will recognize the "Taliban" as Afghanistan's legitimate authority, the Spokesperson said that the question will be put on the agenda after the formation of an inclusive government in the country.