Algeria Attributes 'Electioneering' to Latest Macron Statements

Following Macron's statements in which he questioned the existence of an Algerian nation prior to French colonization, the Algerian Parliament condemns the colonizer's attacks on Algeria's history.

  • The Algerian National People's Assembly, Algiers
    The Algerian National People's Assembly, Algiers.

The Algerian Parliament responded to French President Emmanuel Macron's statements that targeted Algeria's history and sovereignty. "The statements cloak nothing but a malicious intent to intervene in the affairs of an independent, sovereign state," Parliament said.

French President Emmanuel Macron had questioned the existence of Algeria before French colonization. "Was there an Algerian nation before French colonization?" He argued that there had been previous colonizations before the French one, citing the Ottoman Empire's colonization of Algeria.

The People's National Assembly denounced Monday in a statement that "The colonizer of yesterday continuing to attack Algeria's history."

Parliament criticized Macron's statements as nothing more than 'electioneering' fueled by fallacies that aim to change French public opinion and cover up the real internal and external crises Paris is facing.

Journalist Ali Bahmane wrote in El Watan, a French-language Algerian daily, that Macron was "desperately" trying to win the April elections. "To do this, he is taking the foolish risk of getting lost in issues of extreme sensitivity, such as French colonization in Algeria [in order] to win over part of the right and the extreme right."

Algeria responded to the French president's statements by recalling its ambassador to France for consultation in light of the mounting tensions.