Before His Arrest, a Palestinian Kisses His Cancer-Stricken Son Farewell

A picture of the Palestinian Hijazi al-Qawasmi bidding his cancer-stricken son farewell prior to his arrest by the Israeli occupation forces has gone viral.

  • Palestinian al-Qawasmi kisses his cancer-stricken son farewell
    Palestinian al-Qawasmi kisses his cancer-stricken son farewell

The Palestinian Hijazi al-Qawasmi from al-Khalil bade farewell to his son, who is diagnosed with cancer before the Israeli occupation forces arrested him.

Social media activists circulated a picture of Hijazi embracing one of his children and bidding farewell to his son Ahmad, who is undergoing chemotherapy, while his third daughter is sitting and watching her father before he departs.

The activists also expressed their anger over dozens of Israeli soldiers storming al-Qawasmi's house to arrest him, considering that Hijazi may never be able to see his sick son again.

Dozens of Israeli occupation soldiers stormed Hijazi's house in al-Khalil at dawn Tuesday and arrested him.

Ahmad’s grandfather said that his grandson was diagnosed with bone cancer 9 months ago, and he underwent an operation to remove a part of his right leg's bone in a Turkish hospital last July.

The child was supposed to receive a dose of chemotherapy today at the hospital, but it was postponed after his father’s arrest.