Diab: Good Relations with Syria Benefit Lebanon Greatly

Hassan Diab, a former Lebanese Prime Minister, emphasizes the significance of collaboration between Lebanon and Syria.

  • Diab: Good Relations with Syria Benefit Lebanon Greatly
    Former Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab

When responding to Al Mayadeen's question on developing relations between Lebanon and Syria, former Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab divulged that the borders, history, and common relations with Syria cannot be denied. 

He expressed that good relations with Syria are greatly beneficial to both countries, detailing the Lebanese ministerial delegation that went to Syria on September 4, aiming to pave the way for easing the electricity crisis in Lebanon by importing electric power from Jordan through Syria.

Diab expressed his hope to re-heal any rift between the two nations.

Regarding what his government achieved in terms of economic reform Diab clarified that his government was centered on reform and accountability for corruption. He detailed that his government was subjected to a "regional and international siege."

The Diab government exercised its duties in the care of business for nearly a year after its resignation, in the wake of the port of Beirut explosion in 2020, and its inability to agree on a new government formation.

Prime Minister Najib Mikati formed a government last week.