Islamic Jihad Warns Occupation Against Harming Prisoners

The Islamic Jihad movement calls for a popular and legal escalation to support prisoners in occupation, reinforcing that the battle of the prisoners is the battle of the nation.

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    Islamic Jihad: Operation "Freedom Tunnel" is still chasing the occupation everywhere.

In a press conference on Wednesday, the Islamic Jihad movement denounced the international silence towards the abuse and mistreatment of Palestinian prisoners in occupation prisons.

The movement said that operation "Freedom Tunnel" is still haunting the occupation, pointing out that the occupation targeted the movement's prisoners with the worst punitive and aggressive measures

It also clarified that any claims that the occupation's prison services have responded to the movement's full demands are incorrect.

The Jihad mentioned that the prisoners' battle is the battle of the Palestinian national community, and urged all factions to work on maintaining the ongoing unity. It also warned the occupation against harming the prisoners.

In the same context, the movement called for a popular and legal escalation to support the prisoners, stating that there is a continuous dialogue inside occupation prisons, and the Prison Authority is maneuvering so far.

According to the movement, the prisoners "will not stop their procedures unless all their demands are met," stressing that the movement will remain united behind the prisoners and will closely follow what is happening in the prisons.

Earlier today, Al Mayadeen's correspondent in the West Bank reported that the prisoners decided to postpone their hunger strike, which was scheduled to begin on Friday, after the occupation Prison's Authority responded to most of their demands, especially those of family contact and visits, stressing that the dialogue will continue in the upcoming days, depending on the seriousness of the Israelis.
She added that the situation of the re-arrested prisoners is severe and that there is real concern for their lives, pointing out that the Israeli occupation is trying to fabricate new charges against them.

These developments come after 6 Palestinian prisoners were able to liberate themselves from Gilboa prison near the occupied city of Bisan, about a week ago.

A few days after the escape, the occupation forces arrested 4 of the liberated prisoners in the Al-Tur area and in the Al-Qafzeh Mountain area in the occupied city of an-Nasira.