Palestinian Child Ahmad al-Qawasmi Tells Al Mayadeen About Struggle of Bidding His Father Farewell

It seems as if the Israeli occupation is almost literally studying ways to further traumatize and oppress Palestinian children, for it is taking their right to live from them, as well as their right to being raised by their loving family.

  • Cancer-Stricken Palestinian child, Ahmad al-Qawasmi
    Cancer-Stricken Palestinian child, Ahmad al-Qawasmi

The Israeli occupation uses many tactics to oppress the Palestinian people, such as depriving them of their freedom, making false allegations against them, and exercising inhumane practices. Its forces have always given a lot of thought to their ways of oppressing children, violating their child rights, and their right to peacefully live with their families in a psychologically and socially positive environment.

Al-Khalil's Hijazi al-Qawasmi bid farewell to his cancer-stricken son, Ahmad, in a heart-shattering scene, which saw him being arrested Tuesday dawn by the Israeli occupation forces.

The child is Hijazi al-Qawasimi's oldest son, and he is suffering from bone cancer. The Israeli occupation did not care for the child's feelings upon arresting his father in front of him as he was unable to stand. The Israeli occupation did not cater to the child's physical and psychological health. Instead, they showed their hatred for the Palestinian people and their arrogance regarding their needs.

Al Mayadeen interviewed the sick Palestinian child, who talked to us about how the first moments after his father's arrest went. "Today, for the first time in my life, I bid farewell to a person I love. I hope to see my father once again," Ahmad said. He also directed a message to his detained father, expressing his longing for him and hoping that his father returns, for he means everything to him.

Hijazi's wife, Bayan al-Natshe said that this is her husband's fifth time being arrested, expressing how hard it is to lose such an important person to the family, especially taking into consideration the difficult circumstances they are going through.

Regarding her son's psychological health, Bayan noted that it would be hard for a person to recover in the absence of their father, who is also their support system. "My son needs a reassuring environment to respond well to treatment. But the Israeli occupation took everything away from him," she added.

Ziyad al-Qawasmi, Hijazi's father, says that his grandchild has had bone cancer for the past nine months. He underwent surgery to remove part of a bone in his right leg last July in Turkey.

These words sum up the Palestinian people's struggle. They moved people all over social media, sparking all sorts of emotions in them. Social media users expressed their anger toward the Israeli occupation's brutal and inhumane behavior, arguing that Hijazi might not be able to see his sick son ever again.

It is noteworthy Ahmad was meant to have a chemotherapy session on Tuesday in occupied Jerusalem. However, it was postponed due to the Israeli occupation forces detaining his father.