Plane Carrying Parachutists Crashes in Tatarstan

Emergency services source says a light aircraft crashed in Tatarstan.

  • Crashed Russian Plane, Source: Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations/TASS
    Crashed Russian plane, Source: Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations (TASS)

A Let L-410 Turbolet aircraft, owned by an aero club, has crashed in the city of Menzelinsk, Tatarstan, a source from emergency services has told TASS.p

The plane crashed around 09:11 Moscow time, according to the source. There were 20 individuals on board.

The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations' press staff notified TASS that seven individuals had been rescued.

"Four more people have been rescued by fire and rescue teams, work continues. Overall, seven people have been rescued," according to a source.

The fate of 16 persons is still unknown, according to the ministry. Onboard, there were 23 persons, 21 of whom were parachute divers. Emergency services had previously reported that 19 individuals had died in the crash. "This information has not been confirmed," the source added, continuing that access to the plane's half-ruined body is "impeded."