Saudi Arabia Considers Israeli-Made Missiles

The Saudi Kingdom has contacted "Israel" about the potential of obtaining Israeli-made missile defense systems.

  • Breaking Defense: A highly practical level has approached Saudi interest in Israeli defense systems
    Saudi Arabia has expressed interest in Israeli defense systems. 

According to the Breaking Defense website, Saudi Arabia has reached out to "Israel" on the possibility of purchasing defense missiles after the US had removed THAAD and Patriot batteries from the Prince Sultan Air Base.

Saudi Arabia, now, seriously examines its alternatives to purchase weapons, according to the website. China, Russia, and "Israel" are involved in a move that a few years ago would've seemed unthinkable. 

The website revealed that in particular, the Saudis deem either the Iron Dome by Rafael better for short-range rockets, or the Barak ER, made for intercepting cruise missiles by IAI. 

Although a withdrawal of US air defense forces from the region had been anticipated for months, it was unclear when such weapons would withdraw.

Moreover, former director of Israel's National Security Council and former head of the "Israel" Defense Forces' Planning Department, Retired Brigade General Giora Elland informed the website that he expects Washington will have no objections to the sale of these Israeli weapons to friendly Gulf countries.