Syrian Air Defenses Respond to Israeli Attack on Damascus and Homs

After explosions were heard in Damascus, Al Mayadeen correspondent reports that the Syrian air defenses intercepted enemy targets in the countrysides of Damascus and Homs.

  • Syrian Air Defenses Confronting Enemy Targets
    Syrian air defenses intercept hostile targets

Al Mayadeen correspondent reported on Thursday that explosions were heard in Damascus after Syrian air defenses intercepted enemy targets. 

Our correspondent said the enemy's attack targeted the countrysides in West Damascus and South Homs, adding that "the Israeli aggression targeted regions northwest of Damascus, and the area surrounding the Damascus international airport."

SANA's correspondent also reported explosions in the surroundings of Damascus, stating that "the air defenses are intercepting enemy targets in the city's airspace." 

A Syrian military source said that "the Israeli enemy executed an air attack with a volley of rockets from southeast Beirut," confirming that "the aggression targeted some locations around Damascus and Homs."

The source clarified that the "Syrian air defenses intercepted the enemy rockets and downed most of them."

Before the attack, Israeli warplanes were heard in a number of Lebanese regions. Social media activists shared videos from different regions of "rockets being fired from Lebanese airspace."