Syrian Military Chief Visits Jordan on Rare Occasion

Syria's military chief, Ali Ayyoub, makes his way over to Jordan to discuss border peace and stability - this comes after the Syrian Arab Army takes over Daraa.

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    Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, and Jordan's King Abdullah II have a conversation in Moscow, Russia, 2021 (AP).

In the first meeting since the beginning of the war in Syria, the Syrian defense minister visited Jordan to discuss border peace and stability. 

The Syrian Defense Minister and Chief of Staff Ali Ayyoub met with Jordanian army head Lieutenant General Yousef Hunaiti to speak of combatting drug smuggling and extremism on their mutual border. 

It is noteworthy to recall that such an initiative came after the Syrian army reclaimed Deraa, which was a hotspot for anti-government protests in 2011. 

Jordan's brief on the 'Syrian situation'

King Abdullah of Jordan has recently praised Russian President Vladimir Putin on a visit to Moscow, as Russia has helped Syria in fighting terrorism and reclaiming its territory. Ironically, Jordan has supported Western-backed 'rebels' in southern Syria until the Syrian Arab Army, Russian forces and Iran pushed back their frontiers. 

Jordan had supported the 'rebels' with weapons for years, as they are a strong ally for the United States. However, as the 'rebels' lost against Syria, they handed over their weapons, giving up. 

How does Jordan feel?

It must be reiterated that Jordan is an ally to the United States; it expresses anxiety over 'Iranian-backed' forces on the border, namely Hezbollah, which also worries 'Israel.'

Although Hezbollah is accused by Jordan of smuggling drugs, the group has repeatedly denied it.