Taliban Aspires to Form New Afghan Army

Qari Fasihuddin, the chief of staff of the Taliban, announces the continued consultations on the formation of a new army for the country.

  • The Taliban seeks to establish a new army
    The Taliban seeks to establish a new army

Qari Fasihuddin, the Taliban Chief of Staff announced on Wednesday that discussions are still ongoing concerning the establishment of a new army for the country.

In a meeting held in Kabul on Wednesday, Fasihudin announced that consultations to form a strong and organized army in the near future to protect Afghanistan are underway with other officials, warning that all resistance groups in the country will be eliminated. 

Fasihuddin added that destabilizing the security of Afghanistan will not be permitted under the pretext of resistance.

The Taliban revealed that elites in the security sector within the previous government and members without  "bad track records" may be recruited into the new army.

This comes days after the Taliban announced a temporary government formation in Afghanistan after fulling controlling the country.

The Afghan army rapidly collapsed after the US withdrew from Afghanistan following a 20-year military occupation.