Clubhouse Partners with TED

The Clubhouse Company announced that it has established another partnership with one of the most popular American podcast networks “TED” to bring exclusive chats to the social audio platform throughout the summer and beyond.

  • The Clubhouse-TED partnership spikes interest
    The Clubhouse-TED partnership spikes interest

The Clubhouse has established a new partnership, and this time, with one of the most popular podcast networks, TED. 

The Company announced that it's partnering with the American media organization TED to bring exclusive chats to the social audio platform throughout the summer and beyond. 

The first room started on July 12th, and it runs weekly at 11 AM ET, on Mondays. The Company said that additional rooms will be launched soon.

The partnership deal allows TED to sell brand partnerships or commercials, and the social audio application, Clubhouse, will not take any profits, as the Spokesperson confirmed.

The partnership is reasonable considering that people often compare Clubhouse rooms to the TED talks, which indicates that people are interested in big ideas and often discuss them in a conference presentation style.  

The Company has also achieved incredible success in the audio domain through podcasting, hence these chats might be distributed outside the application as an RSS feed. 

TED organization had launched its Audio Collection in February this year, during which it declared that its shows were downloaded 1.65 million times per day all over the world.

Spotify podcast company stated that the TED Talks Daily was the second popular show worldwide on its platform in the year 2020. This indicates that the TED organization is skilled in audio production, given the fact that people enjoy listening to its shows; a thing that Clubhouse can benefit from.

Using the social audio application, TED can host regular Q&A and enable speakers to interact with the audience. A feature that is not applicable on common podcast platforms.  

Who will the other companies partner with?

Spotify encourages podcasters to use Greenroom, the Clubhouse competitor, while Facebook planned to work with Bobby Berk, Tina Knowles-Lawson, and Joe Budden, for their live audio rooms.

Twitter and the National Football League (NFL) announced last week that the League is creating exclusive content for Twitter Spaces; their own live audio podcast.

Clubhouse previously hosted exclusive NFL chats during Draft Week, and a spokesperson confirms that despite this Twitter deal, Clubhouse is still working with the NFL on future programming.

It's noteworthy that this Application was launched about a year ago, but registration on it is still based on invitations, where participation requires a private invitation from the previously registered members, and you may find yourself having an audio chat with people with whom you share the same interests.