Instagram Introduces New Security Checkup Features

Instagram announces a new security checkup to help users reinforce the security of their accounts, especially those who have already been compromised.

  • Instagram Introduces New Security Checkup Features
    The new security checkup feature was implemented to keep the accounts of Instagram users safe.

Instagram launches new Security Checkup features, a new feature to help people keep their accounts secure.

The security measure provides any users whose accounts have been hacked before with the steps needed to secure them. 

The steps include verifying other accounts that share login information, reviewing login activity, and keeping recovery contact information, such as phone number and email, updated.

Users with previously hacked accounts see a prompt when logging in asking if they want to start a security checkup. 

Instagram is also planning to add support for two-factor authentication through WhatsApp. If you use WhatsApp, you can protect your Instagram account using your WhatsApp account. However, that feature will only be available in certain countries. Instead, you can enable two-factor using your phone number or an authenticator app, such as Duo Mobile or Google Authentication.

The social media platform says there has been a slight increase in accounts claiming to be Instagram in users' DMs to get them to share their login information.

The platform only sends emails. You can check if an email is authentic by looking at the "Emails from Instagram" tab in Settings.

Other Instagram Features

The platform said that auto-generated captions are coming to feed posts soon, a very useful feature for many content creators.

In September 2020, the platform added a new option for auto-generated captions for IGTV videos, resulting in improved accessibility.