The French COVID Pass and the Death of Liberty

European liberté was always, as Marx correctly understood, the liberty of the ruling class.

  • The French COVID Pass and the Death of Liberty

French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to impose COVID vaccination passports for entry into shops, restaurants, cafes and bars is an important step in the direction of redefining what it means to be free. Henceforth, to be free is to be considered ‘healthy’ by the government.

However, if you have AIDS, leprosy, TB or other infectious diseases, you can enter any premises. Of course, all of this makes perfect sense in #Aburdistan#.  Covid-19 is clearly the most abominable disease since the Black Plague. Last year, a French nun who was 117 years old got COVID. She recovered. But she could have died! Imagine that!

What is death? Does anyone ask this question anymore? Our modern atheistic world lives in blissful denial of death. Yet, under the surface lurks an irrepressible fear of our finitude. There is a sense in which the COVID psychosis is being driven by our unconscious dread of hell. The Davos elites tell us that there will be “no going back to normal.” People are living in a kind of mourning for the freedoms they have lost.

The emerging global COVID regime adumbrates the horror of hell. The horror of hell is not the fire and the pain, but the fact that it cannot end, that one cannot die. So, in a sense, our irrational fear of death is a foreshadowing of the pain, realizing that we cannot end it. 

It is foolish to believe this regime can be toppled without prayer and repentance for sin. Sin is our sickness. But that does not mean political action is futile. Physical battles must be won to reclaim our countries from these technocratic psychopaths. Our children’s futures depend on it. What we are witnessing is the demise of the modern concept of abstract freedom. European liberté was always, as Marx correctly understood, the liberty of the ruling class.

 For the past year, the French were phlegmatic and docile. While millions of demonstrators went out to the streets of London and Berlin to protest against lockdowns, the French seemed asleep. That is why Macron took the risk of imposing the vaccine pass to bring about an absolutist technocracy. But he may have gone too far this time.

 The French have risen. Hundreds of thousands took the streets on July 24 to protest against the COVID dictatorship. But it looks like the oligarchy is up to its usual tricks. They’ve turned to the controlled leftist ‘opposition’. 

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the ironically titled France Unbowed party and Francois Ruffin, another leftist agent of the oligarchy, have come out in support of the protest movement. Neither of these scoundrels has ever supported any genuinely popular movement. They exist to prevent effective rebellion. Their involvement in the protest shows that the oligarchy wants the focus to be on the question of forcing the vaccines, rather than the extremely dangerous experimental MRNA technology being pushed by Big Pharma.

Big Pharma doesn’t want the discussion to be about the safety of the untested MRNA technology. So, the controlled opposition will keep the focus on defending the dead concept of liberté.

 France has a reputation for being skeptical about vaccines. The mass media never explains why that is the case. The reason is simple: The French eat well, live well and have a good level of general education. They don’t all believe that staying healthy requires being injected with cocktails of experimental chemicals. 

Furthermore, it was French science in the 19th century which set the terms of what should be the current debate on health: Whether one becomes ill when a germ enters the body or whether an illness is a result of a combination of agents internal and external to the body. The former germ theory is most associated with Louis Pasteur.

The latter organic view of health owes much to a lesser known biologist Antoine Béchamp. Béchamp conducted thousands of experiments which proved that the vitality of the body’s milieu interieur, its internal terrain, is the key to its health. According to Gerald L. Geison’s book The Private Science of Louis Pasteur, the famous French chemist falsified many of his experiments to prove the efficacy of vaccination. Pasteur used his political contacts to get funding for his work, and the secularist state couldn’t resist the opportunity to play God through mass preventive medicine programs. 

Pasteur’s subsequent status as a great scientist did much to propel the current cult of scientism: the ludicrous belief that scientists are demi-gods with the solutions to all our problems. Pasteur reduced life processes to dead matter, while Béchamp saw the ambiguities of complex life forces.  The abstract view of liberty based on the denial of God and the moral law, matched perfectly with Pastoran reductionism.

The current protest movement risks falling into the same trap as that of the Yellow Vests if it is led by imbeciles like Mélenchon or Ruffin. The only way out of this crisis of civilization is to form vital parallel economic, social and political structures to those of the morbid capitalist system. This requires creativity and determination. Those people who refuse to submit to the agenda of the New World Order should form their own tightly-knit communities, living simply and sustainably. 

All dictatorships collapse in time. This regime will collapse in time too. Being excluded from their corrupt society and their monopoly businesses will provide us with the opportunity of building our own alternatives. It’s time to get off the internet and physically meet all those people who are resisting this COVID tyranny. There is an expression in Irish which says, “níl neart gur chur le chéile”, there is only strength in numbers. They have divided us. We must focus on unity.

You cannot kill a system which is already dead. We should instead focus on building new futures outside the system. Building the internal terrain of the body and the soul is just as important as fighting the pathogen of the technocratic regime. Ora et labora, prayer and work, these Benedictine values built Western civilization. The revolution should not necessarily be some epic event with flags, seizures of government buildings and executions; it should be a total moral transformation of our lives, an internal round tower built to last. To a world obsessed with longevity, health and comfort, we say memento mori, remember that you must die. Christians do not fear death but the judgement that comes after we die. Macron’s regime of death has no future. It is the millions of French patriots who will ultimately ‘build back better’. 

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Gearóid Ó Colmáin

Journalist and political analyst