Palestinian Hunger Strike Prisoner Khader Adnan ‘Freed’

The Israeli occupation freed prisoner Khader Adnan after he spent a month in administrative jail and embarked on a hunger strike for 25 days.

  • Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan
    Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan

After spending a month in administrative detention, Israeli occupation authorities released prisoner Khader Adnan today, Monday.

The Palestinian prisoner has been held in administrative detention for a year. On May 30, the Israeli occupation re-arrested Sheikh Adnan at one of the checkpoints in Arraba, Jenin, and transferred him to an unknown location.

Adnan, 43, launched an open hunger strike to reject his arrest, which lasted for 25 days. He suspended his strike after his lawyer obtained a decision to release him, according to Mohaja Al-Quds Foundation.

Furthermore, he was arrested 12 times, and spent a total of 8 years in the occupation prisons, most of which were under administrative detention. He went on severe hunger strikes for demanding his freedom, during which he almost lost his life, specifically in 2018, before his release on November 13 of the same year.