Palestinian "Night Confusion" Activities Resumed in Beita

The Palestinian Prisoners Club says that the Israeli occupation forces arrested 4 Palestinians at dawn today, Friday, in the city of Tubas and the town of Tammun in the occupied West Bank.

  • "Night Confusion" resumed in Beita

Yesterday, Thursday, tens of Palestinian youths confronted the Israeli occupation forces, as the "night confusion" activities were resumed in the "Givat Eviatar" outpost on Jabal Sbeih in the town of Beita, south of Nablus in the northern occupied West Bank.

The youths detonated a sound barrel bomb during the "night confusion" activities, while the occupation forces targeted them with live and rubber bullets and tear gas.

Simultaneously, the Palestinian Prisoners Club reported that the Israeli occupation forces arrested 4 citizens at dawn today, Friday, July 23, 2021, in the city of Tubas and the town of Tammun in the occupied West Bank.

The Club stated that today, Friday, the occupation forces arrested the 3 freed prisoners Ahmed Fayez Abu Al-Ayda, 21 years, from the city of Tubas, and Murad Suleiman Bani Odeh, 43, and Ra'iq Abdul Rahman Bisharat, 44. The occupation forces also arrested Sayyaf Azmi Hussein Bani Odeh, from the town of Tammun.

The Palestinian youths and Beita residents continue their "night confusion" activities to confront the settlers’ attempt to seize the lands of Jabal Sbeih and establish a new outpost on the top of the mountain.

In the meantime, a periodic report prepared by the "Hamas" media department in the West Bank detected 748 various acts of resistance against the occupation and its settlers during last June, during which Nablus witnessed 26 "night confusion" activities against the occupation forces and settlers.

Jabal Sbeih is the center of a wide range of "night confusion" activities carried out by the rebels of Beita, which extend until late at night.

For over two and a half months, Beita has been witnessing daily confrontations in the Jabal Sbeih area between the occupation soldiers and Palestinian youths, which intensify at night in an attempt to kick the settlers out.

During the confrontations, 4 young men were martyred and hundreds were injured, the majority of which by live bullets.