Israeli Media: Iranians Identified the Israeli Point of Weakness and Attacked to Kill

Israeli media outlets are talking about an ongoing secret battle in the sea between "Israel" and Iran, highlighting Iran's ability to identify the Israeli points of weakness.

  • Israeli Media: It seems the attackers' intention was to kill
    Israeli Media: It seems the attackers' intention was to kill

Israeli journalist Amir Bohbot wrote in an article on the Walla website, "the link between all the mysterious events and explosions in the maritime arena that were attributed to foreign reports by Iran and Israel" points to "an ongoing secret battle that mainly involved carrying out strikes and causing damage to ships."

Bohbot said that despite all that, "the drone attack against a Japanese, Israeli-owned ship, last Thursday, off the shores of Oman, indicates a change in the rules of the game, not because of the method of the attack, but because the attack resulted in two deaths on board."

Also according to Bohbot, the attack that took place near Oman explains that "it is not about a making a hint or sending a message, but rather about collecting a killing price.”

Bohbot added that the initial reports have mentioned that for the first time ever, "the Iranians attack the ship, in the early morning hours, without success, and then launch a second attack, only this time with an accurate hit... It seems that the attackers' intention was to kill."

He continued, "Both sides know that the majority of their operations can be denied and kept it in the dark as long as there are no fatalities. But this time, this was not the case.” 

He explained, "If the reports are accurate and the mysterious explosions are part of the arm-twisting policy between Jerusalem and Tehran… then the reality has turned from a dominating superiority of ‘Israel’ to a major weakness."

He continued to say, "If the operation evolves in the said direction, with open attacks involving fatalities, then the Israeli policy will face a major challenge, as the US alienates itself from the ongoing events in the Middle East."

This came in an article Bohbot wrote one day after an Israeli ship was targeted by a “drone” in the Arabian Sea, causing two deaths, according to the Maritime Security website, Dryad.

For his part, Haaretz's senior intelligence analyst Yossi Melman said, "This is the fourth attack in which Israel is targeted," noting that "Israel started it all, as it has been involved for the past two and a half years in sabotaging Iranian ships." 

Melman added, "Israel is playing with fire," pointing out that 90% of Israeli goods pass through sea routes.