Raisi Stresses Importance of Cooperation with Latin America

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi says that cooperation with Latin America could lead to the marginalization of the United States and its global and regional role.

  • Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi
    Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said Wednesday that enhancing political and economic relations with Latin America is among Iran's priorities in terms of foreign policy during his reception of Sacha Llorenti, the Secretary-General of ALBA–TCP.

Raisi continued, "Iran and Latin America share common values," therefore, his government is determined to enhance these values. He also stressed the need for bilateral coordination cooperation and coordination between the two parties on all the various international and regional levels.

"Arrogant countries are plotting against independent and freedom-loving countries," he added.

He also indicated that activating cooperation between Iran and the countries of Latin America could marginalize the United States and its international and regional roles.

In turn, Sacha Sergio Llorenti Soliz expressed his satisfaction with being in Tehran on behalf of the majority of the ALBA member states. He said there are many common factors between the two parties, adding that they seek to defend the independence and sovereignty of nations and stand in the face of US greed.