Iran Officially Joins Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) members have agreed to grant Iran full membership.

  • SCO members vote in favor of Iran joining the organization
    SCO members vote in favor of Iran joining the organization

Al Mayadeen's correspondent reported that SCO members have agreed on Friday to fully grant Iran membership to the organization.

Chinese President Xi Jinping revealed during the Tajikistan summit that Iran will be considered a full member of the organization as of today, adding that countries must be fully supported for them to discover their approaches in development, and the systems of government that best befit their domestic situation, and that the future of development and evolution in our countries must be in our hands.

In a televised statement, the Russian President expressed that Russia supported Iran's full membership in the SCO, detailing that Iran plays a crucial role in the region.

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi lauded the move, stating that his country can be a link to Eurasia, through a pathway tying the north to the south.

Tajikistan is hosting the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in its capital Dushanbe on the 20th year of the organization's founding.

The SCO includes Russia, India, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and now Iran, whereas Afghanistan, Belarusia and Mongolia were given observer status. The organization's partners are Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, Cambodia, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Also partaking in the organization as guests, are the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), the Commonwealth of Independent States, the United Nations and Turkmenistan.

Raisi: The World order is changing in favor of independent states

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi stated during his speech at the summit that regional security is achieved without foreign interference, adding that foreign interference in Afghanistan complicates matters, and a government must be formed that includes all movements and ethnic groups.

He added that global arrogance is in decline, and the international order is changing in favor of independent states, noting that threats and pressure constrain diplomacy.

Commenting on the unilateral sanctions imposed in Iran, Raisi said they must be removed, and that Tehran considers their removal to be its legitimate right.